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In a community where medical marijuana patients find and connect with dispensaries, the www.weedmaps.com, find Asociación de Fumadores Alternativos. We’re listed in this great community for easier access and more trustful services. If you’re in need for green come and visit us!

Here’s the link to our the weedmaps.com page, check this link.

Weed lifts your mood. And good weed puts a smile on your face. We were the first to help you find your bud and now we’re on a new, similar mission: to be your ultimate guide to “The Good Stuff”. When you walk into a dispensary, you might not be feeling good. But once you leave that dispensary with your medicine and the goods, you will be happy. This remains our steadfast goal: to make your life easier and to lift your spirits. Weedmaps is more than just “the Yelp of marijuana”: we’re a community. From the highest rated dispensaries and strains to the coolest cannabis products to original video and written content to the most active social network of Marijuana patients in the world–we’ve got all your medical marijuana needs in one spot and it’s about to get even bolder, bigger, and better.

As cannabis continues to gain popularity and enter the spotlight, our mission remains steadfast: to continue to progress and grow as we strive for the common goal of all-out legalization. We want to bring our very strong–but often disconnected–community together to fight the good fight, and above all else: have a good time doing what we love to do.

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