Coffee Shops in Barcelona: How to Get Membership

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Barcelona coffee shops are private by law; they are quite different from Amsterdam´s coffee shops. If you’re looking to get a membership at a coffee shop in Barcelona, it’s important that you understand that you will be held to a higher standard as a member. Therefore, you should commit these study points to memory so that – if you do become a member of a Barcelona coffee shop – you’ll be a valuable new member and not just a selfish turd that only cares about getting high.

Barcelona coffee shops are private – you cannot just walk in and join. You need to be sponsored by a current member of the club and you need to complete an application with that sponsor present (in most cases). Sometimes there is a review and approval process. Act like a disinterested tourist or a rowdy party boy and you’ll probably be rejected.

You are permitted to take up to 98 grams from the club each month. You must reimburse the club for the marijuana products that you take. You are not buying anything. If you are a member, then you and everyone else shares the harvest and the expenses related to it. So when you go to a coffee shop in Barcelona, you are simply reimbursing the club’s treasury for your share of marijuana. You are not buying it.

Yes, you can take weed out of the club.Everyone does. But keep this in mind: possession of marijuana in Barcelona is only permissible in private. You can use cannabis at home, or you can use it in the club. When you take marijuana products out of the clubs or coffee shops, you are at risk. If you are stopped by the authorities and they find your weed, they will take it and fine you. This is not a criminal offense, so don’t pee your pants. Instead, if you decide to take cannabis out of the club, place it in your undergarments and quickly take it home or to a private location. Don’t be the asshole that walks down La Rambla smoking a joint.

If you are under 18, you cannot join. With many coffee shops, you cannot join if you are less than 21 years old.

You will need an address in Spain and a passport or NIE card in order to join a coffee shop in Barcelona. No, the club will not accept a photocopy. No, you cannot use your US or foreign driver’s license. (EU driver’s licenses are generally acceptable.)

Finally, there are no such things as coffee shops in Barcelona. They’re not called coffee shops at all. They are referred to as social clubs or associations. This article using the terms “Barcelona coffee shop” and the like is because I noticed in my analytics and tracking software that the vast majority of people use Google to search for cannabis clubs in Barcelona using the term “coffee shops,” probably because that’s what most of the world has been hearing out of Amsterdam for the last forty years. So if you’re looking to become a member of a “coffee shop in Barcelona,” you should probably start by referring to these exceptional clubs by their proper terms.

This article was originally written by Russ Hudson, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Read more here!



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